About Us

Since GW Cargo was established in 1996 our development has been from recognising and servicing our customer requirements.

Thus we recognise this philosophy to provide a cost effective, reliable range of international freight forwarding services.

At GW we aim to deal with both the intricate logistics and freight forwarding requirements through our global network of associates. Thus we are able to ensure prompt shipments of your goods along with complete documentation services and coordination both in the country of origin and destination country.

By Choosing G W, you have selected one of the UK’s most respected international freight forwarding organisations committed to the safe and timely movement of cargo by Air and Sea.

  • We offer services to a wide range of customers, each with their specific needs.
  • Friendly and helpful staff guiding you on the various stages of your shipment.
  • Efficient and effective in delivery of shipment.
  • Value for money service.

No restriction in terms of size & weight.

At GW, we know the importance of each shipment and how much it means to the daily operations of your life. GW cargo treats every shipment as a highly individualised task. We ensure that your cargo moves swiftly, direct from your doorsteps and straight to your choice of destination.

Your business is our business, a fact which will never be forgotten and one that can only aid and assist the growth and productivity of GW Cargo Limited.